Update book library

Slowing down development

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This short post, as the title and subtitle, says is to inform you that I'll slow down the development of my book library and what I'll be doing. Today I pushed some commits that I didn't think were worth pushing into GH, but given that I will slow down the development, I want anyone visiting the repository knows what I was doing with the code base, the last time I wrote it.


After realizing I'm still need more experience to get a job, I switched the focus of my effords.

Now what

Starting today, I'll resume solving exercises in Exercism, focusing on my Python and Haskell tracks.

I'm considering building small projects in Python and Haskell, but I'm not sure if I develop them in both languages in parallel or one for each project.

The projects I'm considering doing are:

  • An API to get some of my favorites quotes from readwise

Other endeavors

I'm also writing a newsletter about things I found in the week that I think are worth sharing. This newsletter is general, but I'm condering making one for topics related to software engineering, one like the current one but in spanish, my native language, and one related to my hobbies (music, anime, manga, webtoons, webcomics).

Given that I created a medium account to sync my highlights to readwise, I'll post there, software unrelated content.

Note: the readwise link is a referral link