A Reading Management System:

A Reading Management System:

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It was the beginning of 2022, and the possibility of returning to on-site classes stood on the horizon. My reading pacing slowed down. Emotionally I was not at my best I felt sadness because of the failure of my project. I had considered dropping out of my college studies. Then, I started looking for ideas for a new project, one of them was the idea of building a library, not the computational one, but after feedback from some friends, I put that project on hold.

Sometime later, I remembered the idea for the Reading Management System and decided to give it another try.

This time, I invested more time in the business idea. Thanks to some Platzi courses, I made a Lean canvas model for it. Here I share a tweet I made with the first iteration of the Lean canvas model in Spanish because the course and my target speak Spanish.

After that, I had conversations using the Mom test methodology with possible users and friends to validate and reshape my idea.

The idea is still evolving thanks to the feedback I got during the conversations using the Mom test methodology and changes in how I read the content.

So I decided to focus first on a library that eases the development of book-related software in Haskell. More on this in the next post of this series.